Buying a Property

It's easy to idealize owning property or to think that buying a home is what you should do once you hit a certain age or certain life marker. But many first-time home buyers are surprised at the amount of work that is involved. Owning property can be a lot of work but it's worth every penny and can be incredibly rewarding.

A Key Fact:

A property should be an investment. It's an investment where you live, work, and/or entertain but it's still an investment. When working with buyers I prioritize this mindset to help find a home that is going to pay-off in the long run. Many agents talk about finding a "dream home" for their clients. Finding a home you love is important, but if you're buying a home I also want it to be a home that will provide financial security and stability for your future.

The Right Time:

Sadly there is no scientific "perfect" time to buy and no real estate agent has the secret to which home will quadruple in value over a 10 year period. No one can concretely predict the market anymore than one could predict the weather for a specific day in 6 months. I use experience, current and historical data, and research when guiding clients towards a purchase. Ultimately it is a clients responsibility to decide what's "a good deal" so I aim to educate, inform, and empower buyers. In 1,5,10 or 20 years I want you to be happy with your purchase and to have confidence in your decision.

About Me

Bryson Lefmann is a Richmond transplant and avid explorer. He's in the business of helping people make smart real estate investments. If you want to buy, you want to sell, or you're just curious to learn more please reach out to say hi. You can reach me at or 804.874.4749.


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I agree to provide equal professional service without regard to the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or sexual orientation of any prospective client, customer, or of the residents of any community.  Any request from a home seller, landlord, or buyer to act in a discriminatory manner will not be fulfilled.

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