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Game of Homes

In my last post I talked about low inventory and some of the benefits that come from it. Many sellers get scared about the idea of selling and then buying again. The most discussed worry is what happens when you sell your home and you're having a hard time finding a home. Isn't that a little backwards? If it's a sellers market shouldn't that be the LEAST of the worries? A lot of attention is given the price of a home and it can be easy to forget about the TERMS of the sale. These are just as important. Good terms allow a seller to sell with confidence knowing that they are protected should there be unanticipated difficulties on buying another home.

As an agent I advocate and help dictate favorable terms. Have you heard of a rent back? What about the 'contingent upon sale' part of a contract? If you haven't, don't worry...some agents don't really know much about them either! They may have seen it in a contract before but few know how to take advantage of these to the benefits of a seller. Negotiation is an art and it's not as simple as "I have the product someone else wants to buy". If it was, real estate agents wouldn't exist as no one would be able to justify why they are worth the commission.

When working with me I take your needs into consideration and help get the highest price for your home without compromising your transition into another living space. It may be surprising to learn but a sales contract is 98% about the terms and only 2% about the price. If you're curious to learn more about how I work to protect and prioritize sellers as they juggle the "game of homes" by selling and then buying please don't hesitate to reach out.

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